With over 15 years of marketing experience our Atlanta based agency has paved the path for innovative events and sports marketing avenues. Insights has worked with the best in the entertainment and sports world with the likes of Beyonce and Magic Johnson to powerhouses in the corporate segment such as COVERGIRL, The Coca-Cola Company and Victoria’s Secret.

Our expertise in general, urban, and professional consumer segments with executing product launches, brand messaging, promotions, media relations, and event marketing have made Insights a proven cornerstone and a force in the marketing universe. Take time to look at our site and let us know what Insights can be used in your upcoming marketing and event goals.

We Get INside of Your Brand

Whether it’s facilitating an event, launching a product, executing sampling events, or joining you for a team meeting – our goal is to always represent your brand with the highest standards. Look at us an extension of your organization. We will take each consumer experience to the next level by representing your brand as if it was our own.

Talk to us about:

Celebrity Partnerships and Sourcing
Experential Marketing
Special Events

We Build Strong Relationships

We want to know what's important to you to get the job done right.

We Want In!

Relationships are what have sustained Insights for over 20 years. We treat our clients like family and deliver our projects with love and care.

We Expect Stellar Results

We work for your brand like it's ours. Return on investment is a way of life.

Our Standards are High!

Your brand is our brand, and we act as such. Return on investment isn’t a foreign concept to us, it’s a way of life.

We Pack a Really Big Punch

Boutique agency? There's so much more beneath the surface!

Small but Mighty

Our Atlanta team is where the spark begins, and our market managers throughout the country continue to build your brand through our custom projects and programming.

We're Not Afraid of New

New concept? We're ready to take on the challenge?


To get your brand noticed, we will think outside the box and make it happen…successfully.
Insights Marketing is one company that I trust to represent our brands to the highest caliber. When it comes to producing cost-efficient, one of a kind events, Insights Marketing makes it happen. The staff is very friendly and outgoing and overall a great group of reliable professionals.
Vince Hudson, COVERGIRL